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Additional Trial Updates

Runnin' for Blue Skies Agility Trial Photo Album



Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund



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NADAC Style Fun Match

Cedar Brook Stables, Langley, BC


Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who were brave enough to try NADAC for the first time and HAD FUN! Thanks to everyone who volunteered!  Thanks to Susan Perry for coming all the way up so we could give the new (now not so new) Regular Class a try. It was great fun to see new dogs and people out playing and having a good time! Way to go you guys!


Feelgood Treat Co. Proud Sponsors of Feelgood Dog Sports Dog Agility Trials





Feelgood Dog Sports Runnin' for Blue Skies NADAC/ASCA/AMBOR Co-Sanctioned Dog Agility Trial

A portion of the proceeds from this trial will be donated to The Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund a.k.a. Pet Trust: In Memory of Blues for Canine Cancer Treatment and Research.  To find out more about this Pet Trust visit


Hazelmere RV Park & Campground, Surrey, BC

One Ring, Outdoors on Grass

Judges: Sandra Katzen, Seattle, WA and Susan Perry, Port Orchard, WA


Classes offered:

Saturday:  2 runs Jumpers, 2 runs Touch N Go, 2 runs Regular

Sunday:  2 runs Regular, 2 runs Weavers, 2 runs Tunnelers





Runnin' for Blue Skies Trial Updates


Click on the photos to enlarge. photos by Infinite Exposures

Congratulations to Karen Hunter and Quickie on earning their Oustanding Versatility NATCH. It was such an honor for us to be able to award our first NATCH ribbon to such an awesome team that we have admired for years!


High in Trial Australian Shepherd:

Click on the photos to enlarge. photos by Infinite Exposures

Congratulations to Carol Ogden and Queensland Sheila for winning the Australian Shepherd Club of BC's HIT award! Carol and Sheila ran all 6 rounds clean to win that pretty big ribbon and prize!


Fundraiser Results:

Dave and Joy Thompson and THE MAN of the weekend, Quickie

Click on the photo to enlarge. photo by Infinite Exposures


A big shout out to Quickie...he was definitely the man of the weekend. Karen had a VERY EXCITING silent auction to run Quickie in Tunnelers with all proceeds going to the Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Pet Trust Fund ( )...he raised a whopping $255! Way to go, Quickie!!!

The Border Collie Rent-A-Thon (Sandra Katzen's speedy little, Zephyr and Michael Bruce's whirling dervish, Xena) raised $250. Bev Mattson graciously donated $50 from her 50/50 win to Blue Skies. Joanie Leigh of Pacific Agility Clan also donated $50 to Blue Skies. Debbie Mason and Andrea Dexter also placed donations. All this plus those fun and way too cute PUPPY RUNS raised $774.61. Proceeds from the trial of $500 brought the total raised to an amazing $1,274.61. WOW!


Rent-A-Collie for Blue Skies Times and Video:

Quickie and Dave Thompson 17.58

Quickie and Crissy Llora

Zephyr and Carson Kong 16.51

Quickie and Bev Johnson 19.57

Xena and Sandy Battista 20.70

Zephyr and Theresa Marshall 16.80

Xena and Micki Lagrou 24.79

Zephyr and Karen Hunter 16.83

Trek and Gordon Frasier 18.63

Zephyr and Sandy Battista 17.70


Some Videos of the Fun Runs:

Susan Perry and Callie

Debbie Fisher and Jordan

Janna Adrian and Ryzen

Karen Lau and Proton

Shona Honyara and Rosa

Shirley Kostric and Quake

Gordon Frasier and Sprite

Wendy Alexander and Phoenix


Kristi and Max, photo by Richard Ford

Other Videos of the Tunnelers Run:

Susan Perry and Lacey

Kristi Oikawa and Max

Joy Thompson and Molly

Debbie Mason and Slugger


Feelgood Treat Co. Proud Sponsors of Feelgood Dog Sports Dog Agility Trials