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Location: Highrun Dog Sports Arena, Pitt Meadows, BC

One Ring, Indoors on dirt/sand mix


This little trial raised $500 for the Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund.


Judge: Sandra Katzen, Seattle, WA

Classes offered:

Saturday:  2 runs Weavers, 2 run Tunnelers, 2 Touch N Go,

Sunday:  2 runs Touch N Go, 2 runs Weavers, 2 runs Tunnelers



Saturday Qualifiers

Sunday Qualifiers


Congratulations to David Miller and Appie on earning their Versatility NATCH


Fun videos from this event:

Todd and Zephyr

Todd and Trek

Todd and Zephyr Round 2

Todd and Zephyr Round 2

Dan and Chance

JB and Trek

Sandra and Zephyr

Joanie and Grace


The Rising Stars:

Theresa and Zeke

Theresa and Zeke Round 2

JB and Dodge

Kari and Maxx

Tina and Bodean


Google Map to Highrun Dog Sports


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