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Emily weaving at the 2003 AAC Nationals



Max #4 Whippet in Canada 2002

photo by Matt Sachs



Emily #1 Belgian Sheepdog in Canada 2002

photo by Matt Sachs


Max at the 2003 AAC Nationals




We've attended quite a few seminars this year...Linda Mecklenberg, Stacy Peardot-Goudy,  Chris Bach, Suzanne Clothier, Jim Basic and Stuart Mah and Pati Hatfield-Mah.


Em ends the year with her MADC, MGDC, MSDC, MJDC, AGN, OAC, OJC, TN-N.


Max gets his MSDC, his NAC and 2 legs towards his Novice Tunnelers title.


We finally got our long awaited Advanced Team run together (only took a year and half!!) with a first place.


Max and Em at the 2002 AAC BC/Yukon Regionals...

Em didn't quite qualify (kind of a repeat of her Grand Prix qualifier...ha ha) but won $100 for the closest to 300 points. Not bad for my (Crissy) taking 25 seconds to remember the Jumpers run and Em falling off the dogwalk in her Gamblers run and scaring me half to death. Max didn't have a great Saturday...had a bit of the zoomies...and was more interested in his audience than he has been in a while...we were gunning for him to win $100 for the least amount of points accumulated...but he built up too many points on Sunday.


Here were their scores:

16 298.50 338.49 2613 Emily 4843 Crissy Llora

GA1 GA2 JU1 JU2 ST1 ST2 P 26.00 T 50.52 P 21.00 T 68.59 P 46.50 T 67.50 P 70.00 

T 29.44 P 85.00 T 57.61 P 50.00 T 64.83


22 133.16 403.59 2602 Max 4844 Sandy Battista


P 0.00 T 0.00 P 21.00 T 64.54 P 0.00 T 90.01 P 45.23 

T 51.77 P 0.00 T 115.20 P 66.93 T 82.07







In 2003, we played more USDAA and NADAC. There aren't too many USDAA trials but did get to accomplish our goal of competing in Masters in USDAA. We also got to run some awesome GP and Steeplechase courses. Started working on Emily's NATCH...and had a great time doing it. It's been great being able to run Jackson in Tunnelers! Every run is such a sweet moment. Max just loves running NADAC...it's been awesome watching him blossom there. NADAC has been a great venue for Bash to start playing the game in...and we look forward to more of those runs. Love that slatless A-frame!


We did attend this year's AAC Nationals. We didn't play much AAC but did achieve some goals in that venue. We only attended a couple of seminars in 2003...but what amazing seminars they were. Best ever.



We've started off the year with the Northwest Cup USDAA Trial in Vancouver, Washington. Max and Emily got their first legs towards their AD...Max had a great run and placed 3rd and Emily placed first in her run.


At the WAG trial, Corvallis, Oregon, Emily earns her AD. Max had a great weekend and earned another leg towards his AD. He also had a nice Steeplechase run but didn't quite make it to the second round...


At the RAT trial in Elma April 12-13, Max earns his AD and plays great starters games!  Em gets one leg each in Advanced Team and Advanced Snooker. We had one of our most favorite agility weekends in a long time...a great Grand Prix course to run, Max running his contacts, flying off the table, Em nailing her serpentine...


At the Spokane DTC USDAA trial Em gets her first Advanced Standard leg with a first place and an Advanced Gamblers leg with a first place.


At the Sno-King USDAA Trial in Monroe...Max goes 3 for 6. He Q'd in Advanced Snooker, Advanced Jumpers and Advanced Team Relay! Em moves up to Master Snooker and Masters Team Relay!


USDAA RAT trial Aug 2-3, Max gets another Advanced Jumpers leg and moves up to Masters Jumpers. Em gets her first Masters Snooker leg and a first place for her second Advanced Standard leg!


At the CAT Black Cat USDAA trial, Bash makes his debut with first place and a Q! He goes 2 for 2 in Novice Standard. One more leg to go! He played great games and earned a first place in Jumpers. Em earns her AAD with a second place and earns her first Masters Pairs Relay leg. Em also earned an Advanced Gamblers leg and now moves up to the Masters Class.

Here's video from this event:

Bash: USDAA Starters Standard, October 2003, Ridgefield, WA




At the Columbia Cup, Emily earns her Open Gamblers Certificate, her second Open Tunnelers leg and 15 points towards her Elite Agility Certificate. She also earned 10 points towards her Elite Jumpers Certificate...jumping 20"! Also, at the Columbia Cup...drum roll please! Jackson runs his first Tunnelers course and Q's!!!  Max earns his Novice Tunnelers title, his Open Jumpers Certificate and is 10 points towards his Novice Gamblers Certificate. He's 5 points away from his Open Agility Certificate. Max had a great weekend jumping 20" and earning 7 out of 8 Q's!


Extreme Agility Team NADAC Trial, September 12-14...Max earns his Novice Gamblers Certificate and his Open Agility Certificate. Emily earns her first Touch-n-Go leg and her Elite Agility Certificate.


WAG NADAC Trial, October 3-5...Got to play Weavers for the first time...Em gets her Elite Jumpers Certificate and her Open Tunnellers titles. And finally earns her first 10 points towards her Elite Gamblers title. She also gets 10 more points towards her Touch and Go Novice title!  Max has a blistering fast Open Tunnelers run and had some of those BC's shaking in their boots...ha ha! He did earn one leg (10 pts) and a first place. As well as a Novice WEAVERS leg (10pts)! Way to go Max!!! 


Our last trial of the year...here's how it all went. Bash debuts in NADAC and earns his NAC and NJC, one gamble leg with a first place, 2 tunnelers legs and a touch and go leg. Max earns his Open Tunnelers title. Emily earns her Elite Gamblers Certificate, TG-N, WV-N and 2 Elite Tunnelers legs. And last but not least...Jackson earns one more leg towards his Novice Tunnelers title!!!

Here's video from this event:

Max: Weavers, November 2003, Nanaimo, BC

Max: Touch 'N Go, November 2003, Nanaimo, BC

Bash: Novice Jumpers, November 2003, Nanaimo, BC





Video of Bash: Starters Standard, 2003, Matsqui, BC


At the February Dog Star Trial...Max placed second to get his Advanced Gamblers leg! Em gets first place in the 26" class at Ultimate Jumpers...and the prize money! She also placed third in Ultimate Gamblers with a respectable 100+ points and some prize money!


At the AVID AAC trial, Max gets his second Advanced Standard leg with a first place and a blistering 20 seconds under course time!  One more leg and he's playing in Masters. A fun time was had by all of us...running fast, running our contacts, pushing our handling, and having a great time (considering the lack of Q's) running and training at our first outdoor trial of the year! Great weather, fun courses...


July 27, 2003 Max earns his AADC and moves up to Masters...3 more legs for his MADC! 


2003 BC/Yukon AAC Regionals

photos by Jean Konda-Witte


Looks like Em's headed for Prince George for the Nationals!  With a respectable score and obviously one that is much better than last year! 15th place out of 44 is not something to sneeze at...so, PG here we come!  Max did a bit better with the numbers this year as compared to last year...but he ran better, beat the heat, ran fast and happy...maybe a little too happy :-) It was great to watch him and Sandy working as a team!


Here were our scores:

15 375.59 295.72 26119 Emily 4843 Crissy Llora 

RG1 RG2 RJ1 RJ2 RS1 RS2 

P 72.59 T 51.41 P 28.00 T 64.33 P 70.00 T 32.63 P 50.00 T 38.63 P 60.00 T 54.33 P 95.00 T 54.39


42 176.59 334.22 26120 Max 4844 Sandy Battista 

RG1 RG2 RJ1 RJ2 RS1 RS2 

P 10.00 T 36.90 P 22.00 T 57.91 P 34.90 T 36.10 P 50.31 T 48.69 P 24.22 T 60.78 P 35.16 T 93.84



2003 AAC Nationals, Prince George BC

Max pre-qualifies on the Friday at the One Day Multi-Region Nationals Qualifying Event and gets to play all weekend. Here are our pretty respectable scores (out of a very competitive 26" class...56 competitors):


20 429.11 280.82 26052 Emily 4843 Belgian Malinois 

C Llora/S Battista BC

G1 G2 J1 J2 S1 S2

P 39.00 T 61.95 P 84.26 T 57.74 P 50.00 T 34.28 P 80.85 T 34.15 P 90.00 T 46.80 P 85.00 T 45.90


36 365.28 316.70 26009 Max 4844 Whippet 

C Llora/S Battista BC

G1 G2 J1 J2 S1 S2

P 23.00 T 64.25 P 30.00 T 66.46 P 72.28 T 38.72 P 55.00 T 39.30 P 95.00 T 53.90 P 90.00 T 54.07

Click here to watch a video of Max and Em at the 2003 Nationals





As far as 2003 seminars go: 4 days of Greg Derrett! We also went to Nancy Gyes in June. Looking forward to Power Paws Camp in 2004