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2005 BC/Yukon AAC Regional Championships

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You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.
You won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed.
You'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead.
Wherever you fly, you'll be best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.

Dr. Seuss


Max at our Feelgood Trial, May 2005


There are never enough pictures of Max enjoying himself running through tunnels! This is Max in Nanaimo, August 2005


photos of Flint by infinite exposures




photo by Infinite Exposures



Emily has earned her 1,000 point Lifetime Point Award! Way to go Em!


Emily earns her RS-N and JS-O.


January 15-16, Extreme Agility Team, Auburn, WA:  Emily earns her S-TN-E, goes 4 for 4 in Regular, 2 for 2 in Gamblers, and earns another Elite Touch N Go Q.  Bash goes 2 for 2 in jumpers, 1st place and Q in Tunnelers, and earns his first Elite Weavers Q with a 2nd place.  Max goes 2 for 2 in Gamblers and earns his EGC-V. He also goes 2 for 2 in Tunnelers, Q's in Elite Touch N Go, Elite Vet Jumpers, and Elite Vet Regular.

Here are videos from this event:

Emily: Weave Gamble, January 2005, Auburn,WA

Emily: Jump Gamble, January 2005, Auburn, WA

Max: Contact Gamble, January 2005, Auburn, WA

Max: Combo, January 2005, Auburn, WA

Max: Tunnelers, January, 2005, Auburn, WA


February 18-20, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC: A sunny, great weekend! Bash earns his EGC, WV-E, and his Elite Versatility. He went 2 for 2 in Tunnelers, Gamblers (Contact and Jump), Weavers, and Q'd twice in Regular. Max q'd in both tunnelers runs and Elite Vet Jumpers. Emily earned her O-EAC and O-EGC. She went 2 for 2 in Tunnelers, Touch N Go, Weavers and Gamblers (Contact and Weave). She also Q'd in twice in Regular. Even Jackson got to play tunnelers...once he got going he was sure having a good time!!! And last but not least...young Flint got to play puppy tunnelers on Friday night! Way to go baby dog!

Some videos from this event:

Emily Elite Regular, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC

Bash Elite Regular, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC

Bash and Max Elite Jumpers, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC

Emily Elite Tunnelers, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC

Bash and Max Elite Tunnelers, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC

Jackson Novice Tunnelers, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC


March 5-6, RAT All Games Trial, Kent, WA: Emily earns her S-TG-E, O-WV-E, and 3 q's in Tunnelers. Crissy ran Max and earned one Tunnelers Q but had lots of fun the whole weekend!


March 19th, Feelgood Dog Sports Fun Match, Langley, BC: Thanks to everyone who came out and especially those who were brave enough to try NADAC for the first time and had fun! Thanks to everyone who volunteered!  It was great fun to see new dogs and people out playing and having a good time! Way to go you guys!


May 7-8, Feelgood Dog Sports Runnin' For Blue Skies Trial, Surrey, BC:

This trial was an amazing experience for us, definitely the most memorable we've had to date. Thanks to everyone for coming to the trial and making it such a special weekend for us! Everyone was so great, pitching in to help from beginning to end. Thanks to everyone who showed up for their assignments, and those of you who just jumped in when needed and also to those who found your own replacements when you couldn't fulfill your own assignments. That helped us out a lot.

The positive energy at the trial was, at times, overwhelming to us. Even the weather stayed great until we had the last piece of equipment put away and we started driving home! This weekend was what agility is all about for us. EVERYONE made this trial happen.

Panorama of Trial Site photo by Mario Battista

Thanks to both of our judges, Sandra Katzen and Susan Perry, for their great attitudes all weekend. It was special to have them as our judges this weekend.

Special thanks to Karen Hunter, Janna Adrian, and Karen Lau for the use of their equipment for the weekend. Extra special thanks to the folks who helped with set-up and take down: Manolo and Paulette Maglaque, David and Joy Thompson, Janna AdrianShirley Kostric, Tina Stafford, Michael and Heather Bruce, Suki and Richard Ford and Dana Gallagher. Thanks to the scorekeepers Debbie Mason, Nancy Stephenson and Karen Hunter...sure kept us sane knowing you guys were there!!! Thanks to chief course builder extraordinaire Michael Bruce for doing such a great job all weekend! Last but definitely not least, Da Mama! Sandy's mom, Percylla, was simply amazing all weekend. We definitely couldn't have done it without you! You rock!

Kristi and Max, photo by Richard Ford

As far as Q's go...Emily Q'd in Regular, both gamblers, and jumpers. Max Q'd in tunnelers which he ran with Kristi Oikawa. Bash Q'd in Weavers and both Tunnelers with 1st places. As far as non-Q's go...Crissy had an absolute BLAST running both Max and Bash in Touch N' Go!!! And young Mr. Flint got to play Tunnelers!

Videos from this event:

Kristi and Max: Tunnelers Round 1

May 27-29, Mega-Dogs, Woodinville, WA: Great trial! Great weather! The folks, the courses, the Hoe Down...all made for an awesome trial! Didn't Q a whole lot but had quite a few really good runs. Here's the breakdown of everyone's q's...

Bash: 1 Elite Touch N Go, 2 Elite Jumpers, 1 Elite Regular, 1 Elite Gamblers (Jump), 2 Elite Tunnelers

Max: 1 Elite Tunnelers, 1 Elite Vet Jumpers, 1 Elite Vet Gamble (Contact), 15 points in Elite Vet Regular

Emily: 1 Elite Tunnelers, 1 Elite Touch N Go, 1 Elite Jumpers (earning her O-EJC), 1 Elite Regular (5 pt ), and 1 Elite Gamble (Contact)


June 4-5, ZAP, Auburn, WA: Bash earns an Elite Regular leg with a 1st Place, another with a 2nd Place, and a Touch N Go Q. Max ran fast and happy all weekend until one of the most awful falls off the dogwalk...EVER. He did Q in Elite Tunnelers. Emily earned 25 points in Regular, and a Contact Gamble. She Q'd in both Tunnelers and got a much needed Weavers leg. We had a great time at this trial...Max is still wagging...which is a good thing!


June 25-26, RAT Fido Follies, Lacey, WA: Bash q's 10 out of possible 13 q's and earns his O-EJC, S-TNE, and his 1,000 Lifetime Point Award. Emily q'd 8 out of 13 and is one leg closer to her NATCH and Vers-NATCH!!! Max played way too happy agility all weekend...he only played in his 2 very favorite classes all weekend: Tunnelers and Touch N Go!


July 9-10, Muddy Paws Agility Club of Kitsap, Poulsbo, WA: Max has his usual fun.  Bash earns his O-TG-E, another leg in gamblers, tunnelers, Touch N Go, and regular. Em earns another Touch N Go leg and another regular leg...and is still chasing that last jumpers leg for her NATCH!!! Last but not least, Flint got to play puppy tunnelers!

Videos from this event:

Max Elite Regular

Max having his usual fun in Tunnelers

Emily Elite Regular

Emily's ALMOST NATCH run

Bash having his usual fun in Tunnelers


September 17-18, Extreme Agility Team, Auburn, WA: Well, we did it! Emily earned her NATCH and Versatility NATCH with Saturday's jumpers run. It was so great to have all our friends around for this agility milestone! She q'd in Regular, and all the games and had a great weekend! Max earned 2 EJC-V legs to earn his O-EJC-V. Bash got both his gambles, 2 regular legs, a 1st place in Weavers and Tunnelers. And last but not least, young Flint had his first few runs this weekend. He ran 2 Tunnelers, 2 Jumpers, and a Touch N Go. And he did super! 3 out of 5 Q's and a super start...good start lines, good contacts and a whole bunch of other good stuff...

Here are videos from this event:

Emily's NATCH run

The Victory Lap


Bash earns his RS-O, GS-N, and JS-O.


November 25-27, ZAP, Auburn, WA: Wow! What a weekend. 3 jam packed days of agility and  our last trial of the year! Bash had a great weekend q'd with placements in 4 out of 6 Regular Runs, both Jumpers, both Weavers, both Tunnelers, and in Gamblers to earn his O-EGC. Flint ran his first full trial and finished the weekend with his NAC, NJC, and TN-N. He qualified in 2 gambles, and ended the weekend with one leg in each Weavers and Touch N Go. Lots of good runs for these 2 boys and lots of good training too! Max qualified with a 1st place in Regular and Gamblers! And qualified in Open Weavers for the first time! We're so proud of Baby Max!!! Max also qualified in Jumpers with a beautiful run! Emily had a great time earned 2 Gambles, a Weavers, and had some nice runs in Regular!


Bash earns his RS-E and Emily earns her RS-O.


Thanks to the folks at NADAC, who are just that much better at record keeping than we are...Em has her S-EGC and Mr. Max has his S-TN-E. Cool.





photos by Matt Sachs



April 14-17, Haute Tracs, Dixon, CA: 4 sun filled days of agility. Em picked up a much needed gamble leg. Bash picked up 2 Relay Q's. A lot of almost's, a lot of learning, and overall a really great time...just not lots of q's! hehe. Here's video taken of 3 Borders with a Jack Chaser 3 Dog Relay.


June 18, Sno-King, Monroe, WA: Bash q's in Master Gamblers and Local Grand Prix qualifier. Emily plays in PIII for the first time and qualifies in Gamblers with a 1st Place and Snooker with a 2nd Place. She also q'd in Performance National Standard Local Qualifier. Max played happy agility but no maxi-doodle-Q's.


July 15-17, NW Super Regional, Vancouver Lake Park, WA: USDAA® Sanctioned Tournament Event & Agility Test, Grand Prix of Dog Agility® Regional Championships, Performance National Standard Regional Championships, Dog Agility Steeplechase® Local Qualifier, Dog Agility Masters® Team Qualifier: Max qualified in Master Jumpers and played in Performance National Standard Round 1. Bash qualified in Masters Standard and Masters Jumpers. He played great Team Gamblers placing 3rd out of 30 in his class but his team "Border Jack 'N Staff" didn't qualify. Emily qualified in Master Gamblers. And her team "A Trace of Mojo in 'Em" qualified for DAM Team Championships! Emily got to play Round 2 in Performance National Standard Regional Championships and qualified as a SEMIFINALIST!

Videos from this event:

Bash: Masters Standard

Bash: Team Standard

Border Jack N Staff 3 Dog Relay

Emily: Team Snooker

Emily:  Performance National Standard Round 1


September 3-5, SW Super Regional, Sunnyvale, CA:  USAAA® Sanctioned Tournament Event & Agility Test, Grand Prix of Dog Agility® Regional Championships, Performance National Standard Regional Championships, Dog Agility Steeplechase® Local Qualifier, Dog Agility Masters® Team Qualifier, Pentathlon Pairs, and Leap N Chase:  Bash earns his Relay Master title and his team Reggie and Murphy's Big Bash qualifies for DAM Team Championships. Em earns her first P3 leg with a 2nd place. Em and Max's Pentathlon Pair "Let Em Whip"...ran real cute! But Max ran waaay too much USDAA that weekend including Advanced Standard runs, Performance National Standard Round 1 and Leap and Chase...did we say way too much yet?


FlyingEm lovin' that up contact...What it's all about...

photos by  www.richardtoddphotographer.com


October 15-16, Black CAT, Ridgefield, WA: Bash gets 2 Super Q's (first one with a 2nd and 2nd one with a first) to earn his Snooker Master Title. He also got to round 2 in Steeplechase and placed 2nd! One more q for the weekend for the little guy, 2nd place in Relay. Em q'd in Gamblers (2nd place in Gamblers) and Snooker. Baby Flint q'd in Starters Gamblers and Starters Jumpers with 1st places!


November 19-20, RAT, Auburn, WA: Emily went MAD with a 4th place in Masters Jumpers!  Bash q'd in Snooker with a 2nd Place. His DAM team 3 Borders with a Jack Chaser (with Dick Watson and his BC, Rrrip and Marilyn Watson and her BC, Ned) placed 5th and qualified for 2006 Championships. Bash placed 2nd in Team Standard and 4th in Team Snooker and Team Gamblers. Max q'd in Master Jumpers with a beautiful run! And last but not least, young Flint didn't run much but managed to qualify in Starters Relay! Way to go y'all!



 photos from Feelgood Dog Sports May 2005 Trial by Infinite Exposures




February 4-6, DAWG/NKC, Nanaimo: Emily goes 2 for 2 in Jumpers with 1st Places, and Q's in Gamblers. Bash Q's in Advanced Gamblers and Advanced Standard.


March 25-27, K9 Cliffhangers, Cloverdale, BC: Emily earns a Q with a 1st place in Masters Standard. Bash earns a Masters Jumpers leg with a 2nd place. Max earns another Masters Jumpers leg with a 4th place.


Max is 2004's #1 Whippet in Canada in AAC. Way to go, Baby Max!


July 30-31, K9 Cliffhangers, Burnaby, BC: Awesome trial...It was a pretty big trial (read: long days and many, many runs)! A great turnout to a nice venue! Folks had a great time running Touch N Go and Tunnelers on Friday night...Bash and Max got to have their usual way with those courses! The barrel race fundraiser was a blast...Sandy and I sure wanted to give it a shot with our dogs! There was a nice turnout for the Clean Run Ultimate Weave Pole Challenge with lots of new breed records made and a new micro-mini height class record...plus lots of money raised for the BC/Yukon team. As far as q's go...Bash gets the last Advanced Standard leg he needed for his AADC and moves up to Masters Standard. Max plays happy agility and comes dangerously close to those much needed Standard and Gamblers runs. Both of the boys had nice jumpers runs...until that dreaded off course jump! Em had to sit out the weekend...she's always such a great sport.

Here are videos from this event:

Bash: Advanced Standard

Bash: Masters Jumpers

Max: Masters Jumpers


August 6-7, DAWG/NKC, Nanaimo, BC: Bash earns his MJDC with a 1st place. He also gets his first Steeplechase leg. Max gets another Jumpers leg with a 1st place. Emily earns a Masters Gamble. Flint gets to play baby agility both days and has boat loads of fun. Then the fun continues for all the pups with 2 days of play time at the beach!




September 10,  MFAC, Matsqui, BC: Note to self, when playing in so many different venues at once...make sure you know IF your dog really is in Masters before you Q with a 1st Place in Gamblers! Sheesh!


October 8-9, 5 Star Dog Training, Kamloops, BC: Bash gets that 2nd advanced gamblers q so he can play in Masters Gamblers for real now! He also q'd in Steeplechase with a 1st place and the fastest overall time, all height divisions...to win a chair and ottoman! Whodathunk you could win furniture at an agility trial! Also 1st and Q in Masters Jumpers. Em q'd in Steeplechase. She played some great agility, as well as some goofy agility. She lost her stay then got it back (again!)...and then promptly lost all her contacts (again)...sheesh. Flint got to play gamblers and jumpers...lots of good stuff...but lots of stuff to get used to...judges yelling numbers to dodge...that sort of thing. Overall a lot of good stuff to see on a just starting out baby dog. He even got his first gamblers q!  Max played really nice happy agility until he got tummy troubles...then nobody was happy...hehe...so we all decided to come home early.


October 22, Pacific Agility Clan, Matsqui, BC: Bash, despite being sore from a collision with a jump standard from last weekend, plays some good agility qualifying with 1st places in Advanced Team and Masters Jumpers. Way to go little one!



Other Agility

February 26-27, CDTA AKC Agility Trial, Lynden, WA: Max earns his first Novice Standard leg with a 1st Place. Emily earns her first Novice Jumpers with Weaves leg with a 1st Place.


July 23-24, CDTA AKC Agility Trial, Lynden, WA: Max q's in Novice Standard and Novice Jumpers with Weaves with First Places. Emily runs fast and furious and pulls off a q in Novice Standard.

Videos from this event:

Max Novice Standard...Maxi-doodle Q's! Special video commentary by Sally Hildt.

Max Novice Jumpers with Weaves...the cutest finish ever.

Em Novice Standard

Em Novice Jumpers with Weaves...Em has some bars for breakfast! And a screeching good time in Novice! Special video commentary by Sandy.



Max at warp speed...photo by Infinite Exposures




March 4-6, ARF Camp, Auburn, WA: 3 day camp with Jen Pinder, Ronda Carter, and Dana Pike

March 8-9, Jen Pinder, Poulsbo, WA

April 9-10, Greg and Laura Derrett, Auburn, WA

May 21, Susan Perry, Snohomish, WA

August 23, Stuart Mah, Bow, WA

September 24, Lanny Bassham, Sequim, WA