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USDAA Cynosport World Games




You'll be on your way up!
You'll be seeing great sights!
You'll join the high fliers
who soar to high heights.
You won't lag behind, because you'll have the speed.
You'll pass the whole gang and you'll soon take the lead.
Wherever you fly, you'll be best of the best.
Wherever you go, you will top all the rest.

Dr. Seuss










March 11-12, WAG, Corvallis, OR, Bash q'd in Masters Jumpers and Masters Pairs with a 1st places. And Steeplechase 3rd Place in both Round 1 and 2. He was pulled the rest of the weekend due to injury. Flint q'd in Starters Standard, Pairs, Gamblers, and Jumpers. Max and Em were both still on the injured list...


April 15-16, RAT, Auburn, WA, Flint q'd in both Starters Standard runs, Gamblers (earning his SG title), Pairs Relay (earning his SR title) and (drumroll please) Snooker to earn his AD. He also qualified in his first ever entered Steeplechase!  Way to play baby dog! Em earns a freaky PIII Snooker Q and has some really nice runs in Gamblers and Standard! Max had his usual fun...he's always such a joy!


April 22-23, CAT, Ridgefield, WA, Flint q'd in both Advanced Standard runs and in pairs. Em and Max ran some nice standard runs. Flint didn't qualify in Steeplechase this time but did get to run in round 2. Way too cute baby dog!


May 27-28, Paws N Effect, Balzac, AB, Bash earned his MAD and JM, a Gamblers leg and a Grand Prix Qualifier on his first weekend back! Flint earned his AAD by qualifying in Advanced Standard, Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Pairs. Baby Flint also qualified in Steeplechase and  the Grand Prix Qualifier with a 1st place  and a bye voucher. Emily earns 2 P3 Snooker q's and runs some really awesome runs all weekend. She qualified in the PNS qualifier with a 1st place and a bye voucher. Max qualified in Master Jumpers and ran his heart out all weekend. Max and Flint ran Advanced Pairs together (with Sandy running Flint and Crissy running Max) and qualified with the cutest run ever!


June 9-11, NW Super Regional, Canby, OR,  USDAA® Sanctioned Tournament Event & Agility Test, Grand Prix of Dog Agility® Regional Championships, Performance National Standard Regional Championships, Dog Agility Steeplechase® Local Qualifier, Dog Agility Masters® Team Qualifier: 3 Amazing days of agility starting off with Bash and Flint's DAM Team "Earth, Wind, and Fire" (with Kim Wiklof's Pinot) qualifying for DAM Team Championships! As for the rest of the weekend, Flint qualified in Grand Prix Round 1 which qualifies him for Nationals. Emily qualified in PNS Round 1 which qualifies her for Nationals. Neither used their vouchers at this Regional. Bash qualified in Masters Jumpers and in Pairs with Pinot, the wonder schnauzer. Max had some really nice runs in Performance Speed Jumping and qualified in Advanced Relay which got him his AR title, now onto Masters Relay as the best pairs partner ever!


June 17-18, Sno-King, Monroe, WA, Bash q'd in Snooker (2nd and 1st), Emily q'd in P3 Gamblers with a 1st. Max tried his best with the courses but no cigar. Flint was pulled from the trial due to injury.


September 1-3, Red Hot Rovers, Graham, WA, Bash earned his Standard Agility Master title, his Snooker Champion and Tournament Master. He qualified for Grand Prix and got to play 2 rounds of Steeplechase. Emily earned a P3 Gamblers Q with a 1st place. And baby Flint earned his first Master Snooker and Gamblers Q's.


October 14-15, CAT, Vancouver, WA, Emily q'd in P3 Standard and Performance Speed Jumping. Max q'd in Perfomance National Standard. Flint ran well...best ever...but no q's this time around. Bash was pulled from the weekend due to injury.


November 1-4, USDAA Cynosport World Games , Scottsdale, AZ, Bash qualifies for Grand Prix Semifinals. We're so proud of this little guy...he had a rough year and we weren't sure he'd be sound enough to even qualify! Emily qualifies for PNS Semifinals and places 1st in 22" PVP Snooker! Lots of great experiences and loads of fun was had at our first ever USDAA Nationals!


November 18-19, RAT, Auburn, WA, What a fun weekend! Bash and Flint's DAM Team "Earth, Wind, and Fire" with Dana Stillinger's Spike qualified for 2007 Nationals! Bash took 1st Place in Team Gamblers! Emily and Max's Performance Versatility Pairs Team "Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hyde" also qualified for 2007 Nationals with a 4th Place! Em took 1st Place in PVP Jumpers! Bash also q'd with a 1st in Jumpers and Standard and 2nd place in Snooker. And Flinty got his 1st Masters Jumpers leg!






photo of BASH by infinite exposures


January 14-15, Extreme Agility Team, Auburn, WA, Everyone tried the new Wild Card Class...Max and Em qualified. Everyone gets to try the "new" Regular class and Bash qualified in 2 Regular and 1 Tunnelers with 1st places. And 1 Weavers with a 3rd. You go little squirt! Flint got his first Open Regular leg with a 1st place and his first Open Jumpers leg with a 2nd place.


February 11-12, RAT, Elma, WA, Bash earned his O-EAC with 2 firsts and a 2nd place and O-WV-E with a 2nd. Bash also q'd in Jumpers with a 1st. Touch N Go with a 2nd. Flint qualified in Novice Chances and earns his NGC. He got another Open Regular leg with a 3rd place then was pulled for the rest of the weekend. Em sat out the whole weekend. Hopefully she and young Flint will be feeling better soon! Max got a Q and 4th place in Regular and qualified in Chances. You go Baby Max!


February 25-26, CAT, Canby, OR, Bash q'd with 1st places in Jumpers and Weavers. Flint q'd his first time out in Open Chances and with a 1st in Open Jumpers. Em qualified in Chances and has some great fun after a long hiatus. Max q'd with a 4th place in Regular. We decided to head home early since all the boys weren't feeling that hot...poor little dudes.


ASCA title update: Bash earned his JS-E and GS-O. Max earned his RV-O and GV-E. Em earned her RS-E.


March 18-19, Feelgood Dog Sports, Pitt Meadows, BC, Another memorable trial. Flint earned his WV-N, 1 Novice Touch N Go leg with a 1st place and 2 Open Tunnelers legs with 1st Places. Great place, great weather, great food, great folks, and the dogs were having loads of fun...what a party!


July 8-9, MUDPACK, Port Gamble, WA, Flint earns his OAC, OJC, TG-N and Novice Versatility with 1st places! Bash q'd in 2 Regular and 1 Weavers with 1st places.


September 9-10, CAT, Vancouver, WA, Bash had an awesome weekend 1st places in Touch N Go and Regular, and last but not least 1st and Q in Tunnelers. He also got 1 Chances Q and 1 Weavers Q (with a 2nd place). The superstar of the weekend was baby Max, his debut in Skilled. 25 points in Elite Regular, 1 Chances Q, 1 Tunnelers Q, and 1st place in Jumpers. Flint q'd in both is Open Chances and got his OCC, his first Elite Regular Q with a 3rd place, and his first Open Weavers Q. Em Q'd in Touch N Go with a 4th. And she also Q'd in Weavers.


November 25, ZAP, Auburn, WA, Bash q'd in Chances to earn his NATCH! Max q'd in Chances and earned his 1,000 Lifetime Point Award. Flint q'd in Elite Regular with a 2nd place. Nice job boys!


December 2, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC, Bash q'd in Touch N Go and earned his Vers-NATCH. Really cool getting it at a DAWG trial since theirs was the first NADAC trial we ever attended! Thanks DAWG! Bash also Q'd in Jumpers and Weavers. Emily q'd in Regular and Weavers. Flint q'd in Touch N Go and Weavers. And Max q'd in Chances again! Woot!








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Crissy designed the 2006 BC/Yukon AAC Regional Championships logo and website. It's hosted at our very own agility-fun.com: http://bcyukon2006.agility-fun.com. Click image above to enlarge.


Crissy designed the 2006 AAC National Championships logo. Click image above to enlarge.


August 18-20, AAC National Championships, Burnaby, BC: Bash qualified for the National Championships at the pre-qualifier and finishes the weekend 25th out of 55 in the highly competitive 16" class. Baby Flint also ran in the pre-qualifier but came up a few points short of being able to play the rest of the weekend.


September 23, DAWG, Nanaimo, BC, Not too much in the way of q's but some really nice runs and all with 1st places! Bash q'd in Steeplechase. Flint q'd twice in Starters Standard. And, the best for last...Max q'd in Masters Standard in his debut running in 16" vets! Way to go boys!




Other Agility

April 1-2, RAT CPE, Auburn, Wa, Thumbs and Paws way up for this fun venue! Loads of new rules and different challenges! And most importantly lots of fun! Emily played in Level 3 and qualified in Standard, Full House with a 2nd place, Snooker with a 1st place, Jackpot with a 1st and a 2nd, Wildcard with a 2nd, and last but not least Jumpers with a 3rd place. Young Flint had a great time in Level 2 and qualified in Standard with a 3rd place, Full House, Jackpot both times with 2nd places, Colors, Jumpers, and last but not least Snooker with a 2nd place. This venue is definitely one we're looking forward to playing in again!


December 30-31, RAT CPE, Auburn, WA,  Our last trial of the year...Emily and Flint return to CPE and Max and Bash get to play for their first time. Em qualified in all 9 runs and earned her CL3-S and CL3-F titles. She also earned her first Level 4 legs in Jackpot and Snooker. Flint qualified in 8 out of 9 runs and earned his CL2-F and CL2-S titles. He also earned his first level 3 legs in Standard (whoops - moved up too soon) and Snooker. Bash qualified in Regular, Wildcard, Jackpot, Snooker and Full House. Max qualified in Standard, Wildcard, jackpot, Snooker, Full House, and Jumpers.






March 3-5, ARF Camp  with Jen Pinder, Ronda Carter, and Dana Pike, Auburn, WA

April 28, Theresa Rector, Pitt Meadows, BC

July 15-16, Daisy Peel, Sequim, WA



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