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Other Agility Highlights

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AAC Nationals

USDAA Cynosport World Games, Scotsdale, AZ

BC/Yukon AAC Regional Championships, Nanaimo, BC





Bash earned his ADCH, Corvallis, OR, March 24, 2007 under judge Terry Smorch

Thanks to Joe Camp for the great photos!


January 6-7, CAT, Vancouver, WA, Bash qualified in Gamblers with a 2nd place. He also qualified in Grand Prix  and in Pairs Relay for his RCH. Em and Max qualfied in PNS. Flint qualified in Gamblers and Standard.

March 24-25, WAG, Corvallis, OR, Bash qualified with a 2nd place in Gamblers to earn his GM and ADCH! He also qualified in Jumpers, Snooker and Steeplechase. Flint qualified in Standard with a 3rd, Jumpers with a 1st, Gamblers, and in Pairs Relay with the best partner ever...MAX! One more Standard leg for Flint's MAD! Way to play boys!

April 14-15, RAT, Elma, WA, Flint earned his MAD on a Standard run under judge Tom Kula. Flint also qualified in Jumpers and Grand Prix. Bash qualified in Steeplechase and earned his Tournament Master Bronze. Emily qualified in Performance Speed Jumping and won 1st place in Round 2. Way to play kids!

April 28, SMART, Prunedale, CA, Bash qualified in Gamblers and Snooker. Emily qualified in Gamblers with a 1st place, PNS and PSJ finals. Flint qualified in Grand Prix.

May 19-20, Fleet Feet, Turner, OR, Flint's Team "Earth, Wind and Fire" (with Quake and Quill) qualified with a 4th place. Flint also qualified in Grand Prix to earn his TM. Emily and Wendell's PVP team "International Mals of Mystery" also qualified.

June 9-10, BAAD, Prineville, OR, Bash tries out his new legs and qualified in Jumpers with a 2nd and in Snooker with a 1st and Super Q. Flint qualified in Jumpers with a tie for 4th and in Snooker.

June 16-17, Sno-King, Monroe, WA, Flint qualified in Jumpers and earned his JM. He also qualfied in Snooker and Pairs. Congrats to our pairs partners Zoe and Anne on earning their MAD! Last but not least, Flint and Sandy qualified in Steeplechase ...the curse has been lifted ;-)

June 30-July 1, NW Regional, Canby, OR, Short weekend for us...Emily wins 3rd place in PSJ and earns a bye into Semifinals. Flint earns a Masters Gamblers Q. That's all folks!

November 10-11, RAT, Elma, WA, Em earns her G3 title with a 1st place. And qualifed in PVP with a 4th place. Flint qualified in Jumpers.



January 19, K9 Cliffhangers, Cloverdale, BC, Bash q'd in Standard and Steeplechase with 1st places. Flint q'd in Starters Standard to earn his ADC. Flint also qualified in Starters Team.

February 3, NKC, Nanaimo, BC, Bash qualified in Steeplechase and Masters Standard.

February 23, Leaps N Bounds, Matsqui, BC, Flint earned a Starters Jumpers Q with a 1st place and his first Advanced Standard run!

March 31-April 1, AVID, Saanich, BC, Bash and Flint qualify in 2 Advanced Team runs and move up to Masters Team. The boys also earned their first Masters Team Q the old fashioned way...baton and all. Flint also ran in Masters Team with Nicki Gurr and Ninja for their ATChC... Congrats to Nicki and Ninja.

April 22, PAC, Matsqui, BC, Flint qualified in Advanced Jumpers.

July 27-29, Just for Fun, Nanaimo, BC, Flint qualified with 1st places in both Advanced Gamblers and moves up into Master Gamblers. He also qualified with a 1st in  Advanced Jumpers and moved up to Master Jumpers. Other q’s for Flint: 1st in Advanced Standard, and a Steeplechase q. Bash q’d in 2 Master Gamblers, 2 steeplechase, and jumpers. Em qualified in 2 steeplechase and 1 Standard. And for the run of the weekend...Max qualified with a 1st in Master Gamblers!!!

August 5, K9 Cliffhangers, Burnaby, BC, No starters snooker joy for Flint at this trial but he did get his first Master Jumpers and Gamblers Q’s today.

August 18-19, PAC, Pitt Meadows, BC, Woohoo!!! Big ribbon weekend! Max got the Standard leg he needed for his MADC. I guess technically it’s a VMADC since he’s running in Vets now. Either way it was a beautiful run and he so deserves every title he gets! AND Em got the Standard leg she needed for her Bronze Award of Merit. Yeah, it hailed and it rained but there was music playing for most of the trial. It was a one ring trial. Everyone was comfortable, relaxed, and having a great time. So much camaraderie…a really nice trial. One more truffle for the weekend (PAC gives chocolate truffles out with every Q), Flint got another Master Gamble. Em also q’d in Steeplechase.

OMG!!! Mad Max :-))))

September 8-9, MFAC, Matsqui, BC, Flint earned his AADC, SGDC, MGDC. A 1st and Q in his first Masters Standard run and 2 Steeplechase Q's for good measure.

September 15, PAC, Pitt Meadows, BC, Flint and Em q'd in Steeplechase. Bleh agility weekend for us...

October 20-21,PAC, Pitt Meadows, BC, Bash earned his MGDC. Bash and Flint earn their second Team leg with a 1st place.





April 21, EAT, Auburn, WA, Flint qualified in Open Tunnelers and Open Weavers and earned his TN-O and WV-O. Bash qualified with a 1st in Jumpers. Em qualified in Tunnelers and Weavers.



Other Agility

February 24-25, CDTA AKC Trial, Lynden, WA, Max qualified in 3 out of 4 runs and earned his NA and NAJ!

July 21-22, CDTA AKC Trial, Lynden, WA, Max qualified in Open Std and Open JWW with 1st places. Flint qualified in 2 Novice Standard (1st and 2nd place) and 1 Novice JWW (1st place). Emily qualified in Novice Standard with a 1st place.





January 26-28, Rhonda Carter, Pitt Meadows, BC

February 17-19, Daisy Peel, Pitt Meadows, BC



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