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Flag and her puppies

Bash and his littermates

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Baby Bash

Borderjack male1.JPG (15877 bytes)

Bash...born to tug.

the puppy stalk


Bash and Sandy



Bash at Power Paws Camp


photo by Infinite Exposures


photo by Infinite Exposures


photo by Infinite Exposures


photos by Matt Sachs



the puppy stalk...

Stalking Max






August 2005


Off the start line

Off the Start line photo by Infinite Exposures


Mr. Serious







Born April 8, 2002


NADAC Elite Versatility

NADAC 1,000 Lifetime Points Award

2004 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships Qualifier

2005 USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Qualifier

2006 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships Semifinalist

2006 USDAA Dog Agility Steeplechase National Championships Qualifier

2006 USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Qualifier

2006 AAC National Championships Qualifer

2007 USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Qualifier

2007 USDAA Dog Agility Steeplechase National Championships Qualifier



Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect them to! The next best thing is being able to go with the flow and let them happen. So here we are with puppy number FIVE!


We weren't actively looking for a puppy...but this little Borderjack's sire and dam have great working drive and awesome temperaments...this was all just too great a combination to pass up! Click here to see photos of mom and dad playing flyball in Las Vegas. As the stars aligned or however things worked out...this little puppy became...Bash.





We usually give our dogs "people" names and Bash is no different...ok, maybe a little different. Bash is an African name that is translated to mean "forerunner". we just like the sound of it  and that it also means PARTY! Plus it's a big sounding name for such a little dog. He's way too cute and has been a "hit" everywhere he goes, with everyone he meets, and with every thing he does!





Bash is very social. He is always up for making a new friend.  Bash sure is a lot of fun. He's always GAME! And he's very sweet...ever ready to play with anyone, anytime, anywhere with any toy.


He's a very focused and serious worker. He takes having fun pretty seriously!He is very intense and learns quickly. He's very prey driven...not much gets by this little squirt. He's super toy and food motivated...always on the go...and is just all around over the top!  But he is also a very sweet and sensitive little boy. He has won everyone over in this house (ok, maybe not so much the cats).



So many little time. photo by Infinite Exposures


photo by Infinite Exposures






Full Name: Bash

Call Name: Bash

Nicknames: Little Squirt, Squoosh, Twisted Mister

Born: April 8, 2002

Breed: Borderjack

Color: Black and White

Height: 15.5"

Weight: 25 lbs.

Favorite game: Tug...with a capital T

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite toys: Car keys, Tug, and the Chuck-It, tennis balls, giggle ball

Favorite food: Haven't found any food that he DOESN'T like!

Best trick: weaving through your legs

Next best trick: wave (so far...just one paw...but we're working on it!)


Bash is just simply the best. He's  great company at home and is a dream competition partner. He's sweet and always happy. He's got a great attitude. Always ready for fun. But also serious and extremely focused.


Baby Bash's first time on sheep with Lynn Leach (and Sandy) at Lynn's beautiful Downriver Farm. For more photos of Bash herding Click here








a lover of the chuck-it as much as the ball