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Emily at the start line


photo by Infinite Exposures



photo by Matt Sachs


The Divine Ms. Em

The Divine Miss Em


Em's Dad Cody


Em weaving in Missoula Montana, 2004

Weaving in Missoula, MT





Em at 5 months old. She was weaned and has been raised on a raw diet.  She is only treated homeopathically and is a healthy, vibrant, beautiful girl.


Big Ear Baby Picture


Big Ear grown up picture...they don't even fit in the frame, yo!


Em at 3


May 2005, photo by Matt Sachs


Barking her head off in Victoria, BC





Born December 15, 1998

Vers-NATCH, ATChC Leaf’s Campfire Song, MAD, PG3, S-EGC, S-TN-E, S-TG-E, RS-E, GS-E, JS-O, AGN, HT, HIC, FDCH, CL3-S, CL3-F

NADAC 1,000 Lifetime Points Award

#1 Belgian Sheepdog in Canada 2002 (AAC)

AAC Bronze Award of Merit

2003 AAC National Championships Qualifier

2004 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships Qualifier

2004 USDAA Dog Agility Steeplechase Championships Qualifier

2005 USDAA Performance National Standard Semifinalist

2005 USDAA Dog Agility Masters Team Championships Qualifier

2006 USDAA Performance National Standard Semifinalist

*1st Place 22" PVP Snooker, 2006 Cynosport World Games*

2007 USDAA Performance Versatility Pairs Qualifier

2007 USDAA Performance National Standard Qualfier

2007 USDAA Performance Speed Jumping Semifinalist



Emily is our first Belgian Malinois.  Em is the daughter of Cody (Ch. Lauchlan Wily Cyote, CDX, TD, BH, TT, CGC, HIC, OFA and Certified Civilian Security Dog), a dog we fell in love with at Jackson’s obedience class.



Emily is a very sweet girl. She has fit in beautifully. She is playful and respectful. She can turn it on and turn it off.


She loves her ball. Ok...love is putting it mildly. It’s her absolute favorite thing...after tug (which is the ULTIMATE  favorite). She loves running in the woods. She also has a sweet spot for mud puddles. And once she learned to swim...there was no keeping her out of the water.




She started tracking as a young pup, and is active in agility and loves flyball. She is intense about her heeling and is looking forward to someday being in the obedience ring (if her mama ever gets around to it).


When she was 6 months old, the German Shepherd Club of BC was holding a Herding Instinct Test. We thought it would be a neat chance for her to see sheep and have some fun. It was just like lure coursing with the whippets...the instinct just kicked in. It was amazing to watch. She was reintroduced to sheep and earned her CKC HC!



Em and Sandy at Downriver Farm December 2002. For more photos of Em herding Click here



She has also tried lure coursing...and agrees with the boys...LURE COURSING ROCKS!!!


Em is a wonderful dog. She has blossomed into a confident, funny, amazing dog. She is an exhilarating competition partner and most importantly, a great companion and member of the family.  We have learned so much from her. She continues to teach us ever so patiently.



Emily at 5




Full Name: Leaf's Campfire Song

Call Name: Emily

Nicknames: The Divine Ms. Em,  Eminem, Danger Girl

Born: December 15, 1998

Breed: Belgian Malinois

Color: Mahogany and Black

Breeder: Douglas Leaf

Sire: Ch. Lauchlan Wily Cyote, CDX, TD, BH, TT, CGC, HIC, Certified Civilian Security Dog 

Dam: Racerocks Aica, CD, BH, TT, CGC, HIC, Certified Civilian Security Dog

Emily's Pedigree

Height: 24.5"

Weight: 55 lbs.

Favorite game: Fetch...and all day long please.

Favorite Treat: Cheese

Favorite toy: Timberwolf Ball

Second favorite toy: H2O bumper that she carries with her on every walk in the woods.

Favouite food: EVERYTHING

Best trick: Show your Belly

Next best trick: Weave between your legs

Best Flyball Time: 4.2 seconds

Favorite agility venue: NADAC


Em loves long, slow, early morning walks in the woods, specially in early fall when all her favorite mud puddles are still well watered. She also loves a big splash...specially on a really hot summer day! She's is very selective of her friends. If she considers you her friend...get ready to be flattened with hugs and kisses. She also loves bedtime snuggles and sleeping under the covers at night...



Weaving in Corvallis, Oregon