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Jackson's first Tunnelers Run, Nanaimo, BC 02/04

Novice Tunnelers, Nanaimo, BC

Stealth footage of Jack and his woob


Caricature of Jackson, www.markuryrising.com

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At Long Beach



Jack and the Woob


more of Jack and the Wooby



at the Oregon Sand Dunes







Ragtime Veridian Fluxus, Can/Am FCh., CGC, TT

March 9, 1994 to May 9, 2007



Jackson is the love of Crissy's life. He was the dog closest to her heart. They reflected each other in every kind of way that was special.  


Crissy and Jack



He was our first purebred dog, our first whippet. And it was the best breeder experience we could have hoped for. He was well socialized (having been raised underfoot in the kitchen), a breeze to crate and house train. Jackson’s breeders Bonnie and Jim Goebel, convinced us to try Lure Coursing. It was like no other sport we had ever participated in before or since. It was amazing and inspiring to see the power of instinct in action and the beauty of form meeting function. Jackson loved coursing and he was breathtaking to watch. He earned his Canadian and American Field Championships quickly. We met many great folks along the way and learned a lot from the pioneers of the sport.  Sandy was a CKC Lure Coursing Judge. She has even tried her hand at operating the lure.



We were sure we were going to continue to do everything right with our boy. We worked on an excellent recall, continued to socialize him and worked on reliability in all kinds of situations. But we were na´ve enough, at the time, to assume that since we were trying so hard to teach our dog to be reliable and safe that other folks must be doing the same.


One day, when Sandy was taking Jack to his favorite park, a very large dog attacked him. The wound was so severe that his chest cavity was punctured and his lung collapsed. He had to have emergency surgery, and ended up with a huge scar. But it was the emotional scar that would take much longer to heal. Our social outgoing two and a half year old pup was devastated. It took  two years for him (and us) to get over it.


He kept lure coursing, but no longer wanted to have anything to do with the obedience ring or agility. He was not comfortable being in close quarters with many dogs. He was not even enjoying his walks in the woods anymore. So, we decided to bring home Max , hoping that it would bring Jack out of his shell and maybe give him some relief and/or confidence out on the trails and other social situations. It seemed to have worked.



Jack and the Wooby  aka The Woob (Stealth footage of Jack and his woob)


He never made it back to the obedience ring. But he did get one leg on his U-CD and 2 AKC CD legs. He also took up tracking...and loved it. But more than anything, Jack just loved being with us. He enjoyed his walks in the woods, and coming to work with Crissy and just lying around getting  fawned over and giving everyone lots of kisses. He gave the best kisses ever! He was the greatest friend and companion.  We continue to miss him every single day.






Full Name: Ragtime Veridian Fluxus

Call Name: Jackson

Breed: Whippet

Color: Red Brindle

Breeders: Jim and Bonnie Goebel, Ragtime Whippets

Sire: Am/Can. Ch. Allerei’s Cabin Fever, LCM

Dam: Ch. Ragtime Autumn Saillie, Can/Am FCh

Jackson's Pedigree

Height: 22.5"

Favorite food: anything red

Favorite toy: His wooby

Favorite game: Find It

Best trick: Jumping into my arms

Next best trick: Upside down kisses

Favorite Holiday: Christmas (He likes to unwrap EVERYONE'S presents!)


Jackson loved long walks in the woods, under-the-covers power naps (as every whippet does), and sucking on his wooby after dinner.  He appreciated a good cup of coffee, a long tall glass of cool water, and eating from a fork. He loved traveling everywhere with us...the original Gypsy King. He gave the best kisses.


You're the man, Jack.

Run free, son.





Jackson 2003