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Little Paws Rescue

PNW Border Collie Rescue

American Belgian Malinois Rescue

Land of Pure Gold

Australian Shepherd Rescue of BC


Flyball t-shirts, Belgian Malinois Rescue T-shirts...and more!

Beauty of the Beasts

offers agility t-shirts, sweatshirts, long-sleeved tees, tank tops, and polo shirts featuring dog breed, agility, clicker, obedience and flyball themes. We have lots of tie-dyed agility shirts and cartoon designs.

Check out these rescue designs:

Is your agility dog a rescue?

Belgian Malinois Rescue T-Shirt


Helping Udders

Where your purchase helps support rescue.



Mighty Mite Dog Gear


Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free


A Company dedicated to taking the BITE out of Cancer.








Agility Association of Canada



North American Dog Agility Council



United States Dog Agility Association



Canadian Kennel Club AGILITY

Canadian Kennel Club



Other Agility Organizations:


The Australian Shepherd Club of America

American Kennel Club

Teacup Dog Agility Association

Dogs On Course in North America




Clean Run

Clean Run Productions is the only publisher in the world dedicated exclusively to the sport of dog agility. They've been serving the training needs of the dog agility community since 1995.


DogSport Magazine is a Canadian publication that focuses on agility, obedience, and flyball and each issue has articles on other dog sports including herding, disc dog, field, tracking, etc.




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This is a group started to keep exhibitors abreast of the rules and rule changes in the following venues: NADAC, USDAA, CPE, AAC, UKC and AKC. See Files and Links sections for more rules and contact information.



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Flyball Chat 

Touch N Go Flyball, Nevada

NAFA Region 7 Home Page

Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club

Kaotic K9's

The King's Flyball Club

The Flying Squad

United Flyball League

The Willoughby Workshop: flyball equipment

Cedar Border Collies

McCann Dog Training

Tooth N Nail

Click here to see some of our dog's flyballin' relatives







Chris Bach's The Third Way

The American Kennel Club

The Canadian Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers

Canadian Assoc. of Professional Pet Dog Trainers

Suzanne Clothier's Flying Dog Press...check out the free articles!


Choose to heel

Patricia McConnell's Dog's Best Friend Project Articles

Shirley Chong's Keeper Pages

Karen Pryor's Clicker Training

Halti & Gentle Leader Fitting and Acclimatization

The Gentle Leader

Front and Finish: The Dog Trainer's News

Ed Presnall Tracking Seminars

Turid Rugaas Calming Signals Community



Local Training and Equipment Links

TNT Kenels and Training Center

Dumbell Obedience Club

Capilano Dog Obedience Club

Underwood's Dog Obedience

Tymtel's Dog Training

Harold Smith Dog Equipment

Jan Wesen

Dog Days Dog Training

The Naughty Dogge Behaviour Modification

Dog Sport Gear



Puget Sound Dock Dogs

Cascade Dock Dogs

Northwest Air Dogs

Splash Dogs



French Ring

Canadian Ring  Association

Pacific Ring DAWG Club






CERF Test Calendar (British Columbia)

Animal CPR

ASCPA Animal Poison Control Center


Bach Flower Remedies

American Canine Sports Medicine Center

Canine Health Naturally

Dr. Theo’s Arthritis information

The official Willard Water Site


Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy 

Association of Veterinary Acupuncturists of Canada

Penelope Smith's Animal Talk 


The Whole Dog Journal 





Dr. Ian Billinghurst’s Home of Give your Dog a bone. Tom Lonsdale’s Home Page

BARF for Beginners

Natural Rearing...Marina Zacharias’s page, natural breeders list, articles, products

Gluten-Free and Wheat Free Diets

To feed or not to feed Grains on the raw diet

Canine Nutrition...more info on the raw diet

The official Mad-Cow Disease Home Page

Glycemic Index Lists

The Ultimate Diet...Kymythy Schultze website

Pat McKay, Inc

Celestial Pets Home Page

The Animal Protection Institute

Iams and Animal Testing

The question of bacteria in processed pet foods

Polluted Pet Food

Dr. Pitcairn's Page

The Naturally Reared Support Supplier & Practitioner Directory

Natural Alternatives





National Vaccine Information Center

Canine Health Concern

Vaccination Decisions

Vaccine Info

Rabies vaccine adverse reactions

Adverse Reactions to Vaccination

Vaccine Reactions

Von Hapsburg Great Danes


Raw Food

In the for dogs and cats

The Healthy Hound

True Carnivores

Fresh Start

Surrey Meat Packers



The Healing Place

Vancouver Animal Wellness Hospital

Dr. Gail M. Jewell, DVM

Mosquito Creek Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Lewis's page (eye specialist)


Complementary Therapies

Pamela Carlson, DC (Chiropractor) 604-530-0069

Cynthia Webster, Animal Physiotherapy 604-857-4642

Lynn Sommerville, TTouch Practitioner 604-924-1824


Elaine Thompson 604-739-4854 outside Vancouver 1-888-878-8281, finding lost pets, pet psychic, reiki, shiatsu, intuitive counseling, muscle testing, aromatherapy.

Georgian Cyr Animal communicator

Lillian Olivant, massage therapist 604-437-5799

Moneca Litton, Bach Flower Remedies, Grief Counseling, 604-985-7533

Paddy Dolphin, Reiki Master 261-8007

Ruby Morgan, Iridology and Reiki (horses and dogs) 

AKITA ACTION (Thyroid and Titer Clinics)




Chris Bach's

The Third Way

The next generation in reinforcement training

The Third Way was conceived and developed by Chris Bach to perfect the relationship between people and dogs by KNOWING more about dogs and dog behavior, LOVING dogs for what they are, and TEACHING dogs how to live in harmony with people.


Train The Third Way

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Lure Coursing

Field Trials for Sighthounds

Lower Mainland Whippet Association

National Whippet Club of Canada

Swiftsure Whippets

American Sighthound Field Association

Canadian Kennel Club

American Kennel Club

ASFA Region 1 Website


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