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Baby Max



photo by Infinite Exposures


photo by Infinite Exposures



photo by Infinite Exposures


Max...whippet good!  Caricature by



Max  at 7 years old photo by Infinite Exposures







Born June 24, 1997

Ch. Ragtime Maximum Overdrive, FCh, FDCH, EAC, O-EJC, O-ECC, S-TN-E, WV-N, TG-O, RV-O, JS-N, JV-O, GS-O, GV-E, AD, AR, JM, VMADC, MSDC, MJDC, MTRDC, AGN, NA, NAJ, CGC, TT

NADAC Novice Versatility

NADAC 1,000 Lifetime Point Award

#2 Whippet in Canada 2000 (AAC)

#4 Whippet in Canada 2002 and 2003 (AAC)

2003 AAC National Championships Qualifier

#1 Whippet in Canada 2004 (AAC)

2004 USDAA Performance National Standard Qualifier

2007 USDAA Performance Versatility Pairs Qualifier

2007 USDAA Performance National Standard Qualifier



Max is our second whippet. We picked Max when he was 11 hours old. We somehow knew that He's our Max!.  And he is...he's an absolute joy! He is cute, smart, keen, confident, bold, curious, and super-friendly.


Max is everything we expected him to be and so much more! He finished his Field Champion title quickly and with placements.   He's extremely keen and focused on the lure (ok, it's more like really loud and spitting focused!). Max is our first show dog (which I suppose implies...not our last!). He loved playing "show dog". He'll still stand stacked forever! He also fell in love with flyball. And has a great time at agility. He and Sandy are a great working team and they get better and better all the time. He has yet to try tracking...but he probably will love that too...although there isn’t much of an audience at that…


He’s a boy with lots o’ attitude. He loves learning.  He is always willing to try new things and work through problems. Training is just plain fun all the time. So far, he really loves heel position and playing all those obedience games. He  has most of his formal retrieve and just loves doing EVERYTHING. He does have a really hilarious frustration through it laughing...and he’s got it down.


Max’s whole litter is phenomenal. All are conformation also an Altered Champion. Almost all are Field Champions...or really close with all having major has her FCHX...and quite a few are onto their FCHX! Many are active in flyball, agility and obedience. Bonnie and Jim Goebel at Ragtime Whippets were Pedigree Whippet Breeders of the year 1999. Definitely well deserved recognition.




There are so many reasons to love Max. He wiggles and wags. He loves everybody and everything. His enthusiasm is positively infectious. He loves to play. He's a fanatic at retrieving tennis balls, the cool kong and his Frisbee...well, pretty much anything. He’s great at tracking (balls, Frisbees, sticks and hiding peoples). He loves "just running" the woods, for a ball, and the Frisbee... the Kong...or just to have a good run. But still making time to wiggle on everybody in-between. Max is pretty much all about the big love! He gives awesome hugs and always has to have his head somewhere on you when he's sleeping. And he's always ready to play! Max does everything with so much joy and with his whole just puts a smile on your face.


zooming at warp speed




Max is an awesome all around companion and competition partner. He is always willing and very able. His enthusiasm is never-ending. He's always willing to learn something new and try his best.


Sandy and Max at the start line...what it's all about.




Full Name: Ragtime Maximum Overdrive

Call Name: Max

Nicknames: Jiggy Max, Wiggle Max, Mickey Max

Born: June 24, 1997

Breed: Whippet

Color: Red Brindle

Breeders: Jim and Bonnie Goebel, Ragtime Whippets

Sire: Ch. Ragtime Autumn Daze, Can/Am FCh.

Dam: Can/Am Ch. Whimsy’s Amazing Grace, JC

Max's Pedigree

Height: 21"

Weight: 28lbs.

Favorite games: heeling and stacking for the show ring...go figure????

Favorite Treat: hmm...does he have to pick just one?

Favorite toy: If he had to pick just one to be left on a desert island would definitely be a tennis ball...frisbee comes in at a close second.

Favorite food: Chicken and eggs (kind of like green eggs and ham...but not green...and not ham...)

Best trick: have to hear it to believe it...

Next best trick: little tiny kisses

Best Flyball Time: 4.8 seconds

Favorite agility venue: NADAC


When he's not wagging or fetching or having some sort of fun...he usually tucks himself in...way under the covers...with at least 4 tennis balls and a little stuffed toy that he "grooms"...Max has to rest his head somewhere on you when he's sleeping. He also gives the best hugs and the best tiny little kisses.


photo by Matt Sachs




Photo by Joe Camp