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This is a great page to go to find out about the latest things we've been doing and how everyone did. Pretty much a "what's happening" type of page...with minimal amount of bragging :-).

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This is where we post our trial information, have all the important forms available. Download premiums, Volunteer Schedule, Events Results, Trial Updates...all that sort of stuff.

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Titles: What do all those letters mean?



about us

This is where we talk a little bit about ourselves...who we are...why we do what we do...what seminars we've gone too...that sort of thing...



the dogs

This is where we introduce you to all of our dogs. You can find out more about each of them by going to their individual pages, check out their pedigrees, watch videos of them doing their thing, check out their cute mugs...

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Titles: What do all those letters mean?

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