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Tess was the inspiration for the company logo of Feelgood Treat Co.




Enjoying the snow, January 2005

caricature of Tess by www.markuryrising.com


Young Tess at the Oregon Sand Dunes



Our first Flyball Dog





February 5, 1992 to September 30, 2009

Tess, TT



Tess was our first dog.  She was abandoned at the vet clinic where Crissy worked. The second Tess was dropped off at the clinic., we both knew she was our dog.  Nobody claimed her and that amazing little puppy came home.


Tess has been an amazing teacher.  She taught us so much about "dogs" and got us hooked on training. Everyday she’d learn something new and have the best time doing it. We were beyond hooked! With her, we found out about competition obedience, agility and flyball. She was a natural. Sandy even took her into the UKC obedience ring. She could do anything… unfortunately her little body couldn’t. She had 2 legs on her U-CD, almost had her FD (Flyball Dog) and came really close to her ADC (Agilty Dog of Canada). She still always though that she could do anything and everything. We kept having to tell her that she can’t climb trees anymore!


Tess always had some physical problems to deal with (she’s had hip surgery, back surgery, knee surgery, dental surgery-which is pretty major since not that many of her adult teeth came in to begin with!) and it’s because of her that we have looked for better ways to help her with her arthritis, seizures, vaccine reactions, etc. It was because of her that we found out about feeding raw food, that we had to educate ourselves about vaccines, homeopathy, acupuncture, and whatever else we needed to try to keep her comfortable and happy enough to keep the cats and the rest of the dogs in line.  







Full Name: Tess

Call Name: Tess

Nicknames: The Sheriff, Little Testarosa, Tiny Teddy, The littlest Battista

Born: February 5, 1992

Breed: Little Black Dog

Color: Black...now salt and pepper-y

Adopted: Highlands Animal Hospital

Height: 11"

Weight: 12lbs.

Favorite Treat: Liver Brownies

Best Trick: Climbing trees

Next Best Trick: Bang

Favorite Toys: Little squeaky pig, Squeaky flower ball

Favorite Indoor Game: Find it

Favorite Outdoor Game: Swimming for her red ball, and jogger tipping

Favorite Food: EVERYTHING!


Tess is a very special dog. She has a big heart, indescribable courage, a great sense of responsibility and a vibrant sense of humour. Her graciousness in the face of all her pain…is a testament to the true perfection of what it is that we love and admire most in a dog. Facing everything head on with a wagging tail and cherishing every moment for exactly what it is...perfect. And we cherished every moment we had with her.


We are honoured to have been able to share all those 17 years with you, little girl. Run free, littlest friend.





Sweet dreams...


All tucked in...


Tess cornering at 12 years old...a blur of motion! he he...